What Is A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)


Knowing there had to be a more affordable way to bring clean energy to the people, we invented solar leasing and power purchase agreements, or PPAs. So instead of waiting years for a return on your investment, most Sunrun customers see big savings in just the first year.


The difference between a solar lease and solar PPA is simple: With a lease, you pay a fixed monthly “rent” in return for use of the system. With a PPA you pay a fixed price per kWh for power generated. We’ll help you decide which option is best for you.


So now that you know what a solar lease and PPA is, you’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t just buy a home solar system outright. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Get started for as little as $0 down.

  • Skip the hassle of ownership. Sunrun will handle installation, maintenance, monitoring, and insurance for the life of the agreement.

  • Rain or shine, we guarantee solar system performance. If the system doesn’t produce the electricity we promised - for any reason - you’ll receive a refund for the difference. If the system overproduces, you keep the excess power.*  

  • Sell your home with ease. Sunrun has a team of Service Transfer experts and we guarantee a seamless agreement transfer to the new buyer.   

  • Sunrun’s BrightSave plans pass down savings from rebates, tax incentives, and credits in the form of a lower bill. We’ll only recommend solar if we can guarantee we’ll save you money.

  • Flexible financing options let you pay as you go, or you can maximize savings with a prepaid option that eliminates monthly billing from Sunrun.


Want more reasons to get a solar lease or PPA? Our top five reasons to lease your solar system will show you why it’s the smartest way to go solar.